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We're doing DBS checks a little differently

We are all aware of a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Certificate and how this can make or break an employment opportunity or a second chance.


The checks were introduced to ensure the protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults by providing employers with appropriate criminal record information on the person they are considering hiring.


Despite more employers recognising the value people with convictions can bring to a more diverse workforce, we have seen DBS checks become binary tools where employers, without adequate guidance, will reject someone for a position if anything is on their criminal record check without taking into account the type of offence, the circumstances and how much risk this actually poses in the role they are recruiting for. We're here to help employers actively and securely recruit more people with convictions into their organisation.


This is where Offploy DBS comes in. We believe both the employer and the candidate should be supported throughout the entire DBS process with advice for the candidate around recruitment stages; when and how to disclose and what to do if they do not get the job due to their conviction. Employer receive expert advice and guidance on how to communicate with their applicants throughout the entire process; what to do when an offence is disclosed and how to make an informed decision that's both safe and fair.

Before we start, we need your help


Offploy is a specialist Criminal Justice Sector Organisation support both employers and people with convictions through the recruitment process. We are a national service with over 5 years experience - we have proudly advised over 1200 businesses and people with convictions during this time.


This will be the first DBS service of its kind. We're looking for pioneering employers to join our movement in conducting DBS checks a little differently. We believe that a decision could not be made on someone's employment by reading the name of a conviction on a piece of paper and would always encourage employers to delve a little deeper to understand the conviction, the circumstances surrounding the conviction and what the candidate has done with their life since their sentencing.


We need to get to 2500 DBS check pledges for the service to go live. Join the DBS revolution below with the others who believe that there is more to a DBS certificate than the conviction and all candidates should be considered on character and circumstance, not just their conviction.


Standard Enhanced

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