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We address the UK's recruitment challenges, empowering HR and CSR Managers to access an untapped talent pool of ex-offenders.  

We are not a recruitment agency; rather, our suite of training, coaching, and consultancy services equip your organisation to safely, fairly, and consistently embrace the diverse skills and talents of ex-offenders while boosting staff morale, retention, and your reputation.

Follow in the footsteps of leading organisations such as

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50+ ways to start recruiting people with convictions

From getting the culture right to managing risk and measuring your impact. Here are 50+ ways to you could get started in hiring people with convictions. Transform your organisation today. No sign-up required.

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Looking to explore the benefits of recruiting people with convictions?

If your organisation is committed to making a positive impact and willing to invest in expert guidance, schedule a free 30-minute call with our team. This consultation is tailored for UK-based CSR and HR managers eager to contribute to a more inclusive and diverse workforce. Discover how recruiting ex-offenders can transform your business and society.

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“Business in the Community has worked alongside Offploy to support Prestige Recruitment Specialists to become a Ban the Box employer, offering a fair chance for people with criminal convictions to compete for jobs. Offploy is a strong advocate for Ban the Box and an important partner for opening up opportunities for ex-offenders in more businesses.”

Jessica Rose, Campaign Manager - Employment for Excluded Groups

Business in the Community (BITC)


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Schedule a free 30-minute call with our team to discover how recruiting ex-offenders can transform your business and society.

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