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The Challenge 

There is a nationwide talent shortage in the U.K. and employers are looking for innovative ways to attract and retain talent in order to upskill their team and offer the best service to their customers. 

There are around 11 million ex-offenders in the UK that make up a large portion of the population actively looking for employment. That’s a ready-made talent pool of workers, who could be perfect for your organisation.  

Did you know? 

  • Over 50% of people have a driving related offence 

  • 93% of our candidates have formal qualifications 

  • 86% of ex-offenders were rated as good at their jobs by their employers* 

Need a little extra confidence?


The Virgin Group, Timpsons, City & Guilds Foundation, Halfords, Greene King, and Johnsons Hotel Linen are among a number of major employers who already recruit those with convictions into their organisations.  

Want to share in their success? 


Our employer services team can help. Supporting you through the entire process, our experienced specialists have the answers. 

Speak to us about... 

  • DBS checks  

  • Achieving ‘buy-in’ from colleagues 

  • Managing risk 

  • Impact on supply chains 

  • Hiring people consistently, safely and fairly 


Many employers are now actively recruiting people with criminal convictions and others are keen to consider this untapped labour market. Yet, accessing that talent or finding out more about the process can be quite difficult. Offploy supports employers through a four step journey to benefit from recruiting people with criminal convictions. 

For companies of all sizes

Offploy proudly supports a range of corporate and PLC organisations, from companies hiring their first employee to those expanding an already substantial team. We help these businesses to:

Create their policies compliant with GDPR and the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Devise and implement a national or local recruitment and mentoring strategy.

Produce social impact reports for investor reports, supply chain audits and client engagement.


Call our new business team on 0113 457 5202

“I wanted to take the opportunity to say what a positive outcome Offploy have had with one of our clients. This chap was a long-term drug user, homeless and had an offending history longer than both my arms! We worked with him to address his drug use and found him secure accommodation, and then Offploy stepped in and supported him back into employment. After 3 short weeks he has been offered permanent employment. His employers explained to me that they plan to train him to operate all the heavy plant machines and he LOVES it there. He now has a group of work mates to socialise with and is going from strength to strength.”

Dawn Law, Caseworker
Julian House




The Construction Sector is one of the largest employers in the U.K. and with more commissioners focussing on Section 106s and an organisation's 'Equality, Diversity and Inclusion' policies, employing experienced people with criminal convictions is a simple way to have an engaged and productive workforce on site.

Almost 50% of our candidates have had previous experience in the construction sector with a higher percentage wanting to actively work in it. It is a common misconception that commissioners and clients restrict their supplier's ability to hire people with criminal convictions by requesting DBS checks. Offploy can support your organisation through these common hurdles and strongly recommend reading Nacro's 'Mind the Gap' guidance written by the CITB and their partners.

Are you a recruitment agency looking for a competitive edge?

Recruitment organisations must innovate to stay ahead of competitors and provide the talent their clients require as soon as they need it.

It is a constant battle to find those gems of candidates who may be looking to work in a high volume recruitment sector and those with specialist skill sets that aren’t already employed. Many recruitment agencies are now recognising the value of socially excluded people including the over 50s, long-term unemployed and those with criminal convictions.

Understanding the legalities of disclosing convictions to clients, where to find people with criminal convictions without asking the wrong questions

and even convincing your employers to consider this avenue can be a complex and daunting process.

Offploy supports recruitment partners to prepare their teams and clients for interviewing and employing people with convictions. We create a talent pipeline from our partners in prisons, probation and job centres and have advised the REC on their most recent employment guidelines.

If you are a recruitment organisation that would like to explore supplying people with criminal convictions to your employers, contact our recruitment partner team on 0113 457 5202

“We have never found a fault with Offploy’s policies and procedures and even the way Offploy have held candidates back from interview with us if they did not think they were ready. I think the fact Offploy can make that call to ensure their candidates are ready rather than a ‘yes/no’ category is a great thing to have. I think the service that you do is great and I wish you every luck and continued support.”

Emma, National on-site recruitment partner

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