Our Story

Our approach

Perhaps you’ve heard of the rehabilitation revolution – it’s been much debated at parliamentary level for some time. We’re here to ensure it happens. Offploy has created a pathway to connect business and ex-offenders, and support both parties throughout every step of the employment journey. For businesses, we offer specialist legal advice, HR guidance, staff training and more, so that from start to finish, you only face opportunities, not obstacles.

Our dedicated team of peer mentors also support ex-offenders through a nine-step journey into employment helping with goal setting, employer training, interview skills and we continue to support candidates once they’ve achieved a secure position.


Our Story

We are on a mission to reduce reoffending and make society safer by placing people with criminal convictions into meaningful, mentored and sustainable employment.

Why it matters

Sector experience

As a social enterprise, we are committed to improving the lives of all members of the community, regardless of their criminal record. We’re therefore working hard to break down the barriers that restrict employment opportunities for ex-offenders. The economic and societal benefits of ex-offender recruitment are vast, but so too are the commercial advantages of such a hiring strategy.

With interest in ex-offender employment on the rise, the types of brands adopting such a hiring strategy are incredibly varied. However, Offploy’s experience to date centres primarily on the retail, manufacturing, industrial, construction and healthcare sectors – areas where particular potential exists and labour is in short supply. In many instances the basic skill-sets are already in place and training programmes can be rolled out with relative ease.

Offploy's background

Offploy is the brainchild of entrepreneur Jacob Hill, a successful businessman who, on paper, is also ‘categorised’ as an ex-offender. His plan for this specialist HR company began to take shape whilst still inside prison so, upon his release, he quickly attracted private investment, social entrepreneurship funding and the support of notable names including Sir Richard Branson.