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Offploy awarded DWP youth contract

Offploy has recently been awarded a new DWP contract that supports young people in Derby between the ages of 18-24.

The contract will help them with their mental health challenges, reintegrate back into the community, and finally move them closer to the labour market. Each young person will receive at least 12 weeks’ worth of 1:1 dedicated support that will help them work towards gaining employment.

This type of contract is a first for Offploy as the people referred to our service will not necessarily have a criminal conviction. It follows hot on the heels of our work on the Government’s Kickstart Scheme, and we already have the skills, experience, and knowledge with supporting and maintaining young people in work.

Joe Prest, Offploy’s Director of Service said:

“The Kickstart Scheme helped us understand how many people Offploy can help and there are many young people out there who need this level of support. Our core service will always be to support those with a conviction, but we are grateful for the opportunity help as many people as possible gain employment. This contract is hopefully the first of many as we diversify our service offering and move more people closer to the labour market.”


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