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Meet the Team

Offploy prides itself on being a commercially responsible social enterprise. This means that whilst we are a community interest company and our sole purpose is to support people with convictions into employment we will do this with the lowest possible impact to the public purse. Our team ensures our activities continue to be of benefit to both our candidates and society.


Social Employment Advisor


Making a positive impact on people’s lives to build a brighter future – As a Social Employment Advisor with lived experience of the CJS and having supported individuals for many years within my career, in various capacities I pride myself on empowering others to reach their goals.

Nominations for

Colleague of the Month

This month I would like to nominate Carrie for being such a supportive colleague. She is always happy to help and never fails to make me laugh in our Monday morning meetings.

I nominate Carrie for being a great Buddie.

Could I nominate Carrie. She fulfils all of her tasks and every task thrown at her and always has time to support the team when needed. She cares about her candidate and colleagues equally.

I thought I was going to lose a candidate because we did not connect. Carrie called him and gained so much information in a short call, sharing her personal journey in relation to his, sharing knowledge with respect and dignity. This opened a door for him and now we might lose him for positive reasons as he fulfils his plans to change his life for the better.

I would like to nominate Carrie as she does a great job of sharing really useful information across the whole team that supports all candidates.

I would like to nominate Carrie for colleague of the month.

Over the past month Carrie has pulled out the stops on multiple occasions when supporting her candidates, whether that is identifying support needs, training courses and providers and employment opportunities. Plus Carrie always shares these with the team.

Carrie really engages with the wider team, always being available and providing support and thinking outside the box when faced with challenges.

Most recently I have had the pleasure in being involved in meetings where Carrie has received amazing feedback on her stakeholder engagement and candidate support which is great and her relationship with work coaches across the country is a credit to her but especially with those in Essex who she has formed a team with.

Lastly, Carrie is a joy to work with and line manage, she always takes on board feedback and implements changes into her role, she challenges whenever required and with her can do attitude she shares the vision to support as many candidates as possible in order to improve their life chances.

My colleague of the month nomination for this month is Carrie, Carrie is a fantastic friend and colleague. She never fails to put a smile on my face, and she makes all our team meetings HILARIOUS. She is always there to offer a helping hand and will go above and beyond to support her colleagues.

I would like to vote for Carrie as she always shows support to the team.

I would like to nominate Carrie, for all the support she has provided to get R1 South London off the ground and the time she has taken to reach out to new referrals and get them as far as she can in the induction diagnostic.

Carrie – Oversight on salesforce and making me feel welcome.

I nominate Carrie for all the hard work she has put into creating some wonderful workshops to run through with our candidates, even through hard times she is still a warrior smashing through any barriers that have come her way. Carrie, you are an absolutely amazing person our candidates scream how fantastic you have been. You are an asset to Offploy and your hard work definitely is not going unnoticed…… “Us Southerners are smashing it” you first said that to me, and I most certainly believe it, so now I am saying it to you.

I would like to nominate Carrie as she’s been so helpful with getting me up and running. She’s always ready to help and happy to do so!

I nominate Carrie, she continues to be terminating the hell out of anything she is given. She came back fighting and doesn’t seem to be letting up.

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