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Meet the Team

Offploy prides itself on being a commercially responsible social enterprise. This means that whilst we are a community interest company and our sole purpose is to support people with convictions into employment we will do this with the lowest possible impact to the public purse. Our team ensures our activities continue to be of benefit to both our candidates and society.


Operational Consultant


I joined Team Offploy because their cause is one that resonates with me due to the experiences that those close to me have been through.

Through streamlining processes and assisting with the company systemisation, I reduce the amount of time spent by our colleagues on administration giving us more time to work with those who we support.

Nominations for

Colleague of the Month

I would like to nominate Chris for taking full accountability of the IT side of Offploy. He really works hard to ensure that we can work efficiently on the systems, and we appreciate all the hard work he does.

I would like to nominate Chris who has been able to systemically comb through hundreds of transactions and invoices to find a mistake from one of our commissioners which will result in the return of some funds and further strengthen our organisation. This isn’t his role, he’s just pedantic and didn’t want us losing out. He’s a great human and one we’re grateful to have as part of the team.

If it were not for Chris and his technical wizardry, then my team building event would have been a flop. So, thank you

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