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Meet the Team

Offploy prides itself on being a commercially responsible social enterprise. This means that whilst we are a community interest company and our sole purpose is to support people with convictions into employment we will do this with the lowest possible impact to the public purse. Our team ensures our activities continue to be of benefit to both our candidates and society.


Managing Director


"Two men looked out from prison bars, One saw the mud, the other saw stars." Dale Carnegie

This is one of my favourite quotes and I like the idea that no matter what happens in life it is important we find the positives in every challenge. Only then can we begin to take the situation into our own hands and make it better. This applied to me when I was in prison and I still use it to today after a tough day in the office.

As the son of two police officers, I was brought up ‘on the right side of tracks’ so-to-speak – I was forever taught right from wrong, given every opportunity in life and encouraged to pursue my dreams.

It wasn’t until my first business, The Lazy Camper, went into financial ruin that I made a choice to sell drugs at a music festival. I was arrested and sentenced to 28 months in prison.

I thought I wouldn’t be a ‘typical’ prisoner but when I was in there I met so many individuals from all walks of life who had made poor choices and ended up in the same place as me.

It was the people inside who didn’t think any employer would take them seriously despite their eagerness to find work that inspired me to start Offploy. I believe that if an employer met someone, listened to their story they could probably relate to it and would find it easier to look beyond most convictions.

Someone gave me a second on my release and I hope to be able to do the same for others coming out of prison too.

I formed Offploy after my release from prison. I actually wrote the plan for the business from my prison cell and pitched the ideal to Nigel (one of the board) members on my release.

He agreed to support me and Offploy was incorporated as a community interest company in May 2016.

For the better part of the first year it was just me meting with guys and girls coming out of prison or probation and helping them find employment. It wasn’t until the second year that we won our first contract to deliver an employability course that we hired our first team member.

Now we’re a much bigger team based in Huddersfield, Hull, Nottingham and Bristol and I couldn’t be happier. Whilst there is much more ‘running’ of the business in my day-to-day, I still get to work with candidates (ex-offenders) alongside our team of  amazing social employment advisors on a daily basis and I couldn’t be happier, I love what I do.

Nominations for

Colleague of the Month

My nomination goes to Jacob. Jacob puts his heart and soul into Offploy to make it what it is today. Jacob attends meetings, makes himself free for anyone who needs to talk to him, and joins in where he can. Without Jacob the company would not be here and bringing us all together to work with. He travels the world to share his experience and show others what can be done to support others and pass his knowledge to them to create a world where it can stop the re-offending and create safer environments.

Jacob is an inspirational leader and the backbone of Offploy, he cares about his people and his drive and passion shine through in everything he does, thank you for being a great support and believing in every colleague in Offploy, we would be lost without it.

I would like to nominate Jacob. Being a workplace where we all work from home, Jacob always helps us remain as a true team. He is inspirational both professionally and personally which I think rubs off on us in some ways. His wit and dedication to the team truly embody the spirit of Offploy. Thanks for being an employer of the people!

I have chosen Jacob is because he takes the time out to meet with us in person, and on an individual basis takin the time out from travelling the world to see us all. Jacob supports us all in our roles and gives great advice, knows his stuff and I don’t think he understands how much he means to those around him. Puts together great comms days along with colleagues, and is so passionate about what he does and I think he deserves to be given a huge round of applause.

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