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Meet the Team

Offploy prides itself on being a commercially responsible social enterprise. This means that whilst we are a community interest company and our sole purpose is to support people with convictions into employment we will do this with the lowest possible impact to the public purse. Our team ensures our activities continue to be of benefit to both our candidates and society.


Social Employment Advisor


"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful." - Albert Schweitzer

One of my favourite quotes. Having worked with people from all walks of life, I welcome the opportunity to join Offploy as a Social Employment Advisor. With a diverse background in recruitment and working within the Criminal Justice System, I hope to bring a unique blend of expertise to the role in empowering individuals and transforming lives.

I understand the importance of identifying transferable skills, developing tailored training plans, and nurturing personal growth to ensure long-term success for individuals overcoming barriers to employment. I like to create a safe space for individuals to share their aspirations, concerns, and challenges.

In my role at Offploy, I am looking forward to making a lasting impact on the lives of job seekers, fostering a more inclusive society, one successful placement at a time. By breaking down barriers and creating opportunities, I am dedicated to building a brighter future for both individuals and their communities.

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