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Meet the Team

Offploy prides itself on being a commercially responsible social enterprise. This means that whilst we are a community interest company and our sole purpose is to support people with convictions into employment we will do this with the lowest possible impact to the public purse. Our team ensures our activities continue to be of benefit to both our candidates and society.


Senior Social Employment Advisor


I have been volunteering with Offploy since July 2018 and in paid employment with them since October 2018. I am a second-year criminology student who sought a career working with rehabilitating criminals after my own experience of the criminal justice system and rehabilitation.

When I first began volunteering with Offploy I was nervous and apprehensive about my role and being in a professional work environment as I had been out of work long term raising my daughter and I only had work experience in retail. However, the team at Offploy are very welcoming and supported me within my role. I am now confident enough to have my own caseload and support current and future candidates on programme. I am grateful to be involved with Offploy’s journey and I am really excited to see how Offploy continues to grow.

Nominations for

Colleague of the Month

Leah has been really supportive in trying to support our drive to increase the outcomes on the Hull based CLLD programme. Leah has had to take time out to go back through paperwork based files to gain evidence of historic candidates who Offploy have supported into work. Thanks to Leah’s rummaging, a thing she trains hard in by attending many jumble sales, we have already helped the improving results on CLLD, thanks for being a great team player Leah.

I nominate Leah the hard work she puts into the different contracts she works on is something that I admire she has continued to help me with my Offploy journey and I will forever be grateful, I hope someday to see her as a female lead in Offploy as she really is a massive asset to this organisation.

Hi I would like to nominate Leah for all her support and guidance that she shares.

My COTM is Leah, was great meeting her finally at comms day!

Please can I nominate Leah? My reason - she always goes above and beyond in her role and is willing to support the team to get things done, she is a great team player and an asset to Offploy. Keep on the great work!

My nomination is for Leah - she is always willing to give above and beyond for her candidates and Offploy. When the going gets tough she rolls her sleeves up and is always willing to lend a hand whenever and wherever needed. Thank you, Leah

I would like to nominate:  Leah Leah continues to go above and beyond for our commissioners and candidates, whatever she is asked to do, she does and gets the job done, she is a cracking team player and a real asset to the Offploy family!

I would like to nominate Leah for her tenacity, determination and drive to support candidates and colleagues across multiple projects. 

Leah is super flexible and always looks at how she can add value across multiple projects.  More recently Leah has been keen to be more involved in projects outside of her day to day role which is great and is also now the Wellbeing Champion which I am sure will enhance Offploy as a place to work.  Well done Leah.

I’ll nominate Leah as I’m pretty sure we won every teams-based exercise at comms days

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