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Employing with conviction: HR and CSR workshop for employing ex-offenders

Multiple Dates

180 mins


An online workshop where HR and CSR experts share insights on employing ex-offenders. Limited to 10 spaces only.

Join us for an exciting online event that aims to empower HR & CSR professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to successfully hire ex-offenders. This workshop will provide valuable insights on how to create inclusive and supportive workplaces while making a positive impact on society.

About the event

Who is this for?

As every event includes a 1:1 brief before and after, we tailor every event to the audience of just 10 people meaning we welcome attendees who have no idea where to start right through to companies who have hired their 100th person with a criminal past.


There is something for everyone and the difference in experiences only adds to the engaging conversation.

What You’ll Learn:

Getting the Culture Right: Explore strategies for developing an organizational culture that values inclusivity and open-mindedness, essential for integrating individuals with past convictions.

Recruitment Procedures and Policy Development: Learn to design recruitment policies and procedures that are fair, inclusive, and tailored to attract diverse talent, including individuals with convictions.

Risk Management: Understand how to effectively assess and manage potential risks associated with hiring individuals with past convictions, ensuring a safe and productive work environment.

Marketing Your Vacancies Appropriately and Strategically: Gain insights on how to market job vacancies to attract a diverse range of applicants, including those with past convictions, while showcasing your company’s commitment to inclusivity.

Interviews, Disclosure, Vetting and Saying 'No': Discover best practices for conducting interviews that respect applicants’ privacy and dignity, while effectively navigating the disclosure and vetting processes.


Onboarding and Additional Support: Learn techniques for effective onboarding and providing additional support to new hires with past convictions, and understand how to sensitively handle situations where a candidate is not the right fit.

Measuring, Managing, and Improving Your Impact: Focus on methods for measuring the impact of your inclusive hiring practices and find ways to continually improve and manage these initiatives for long-term success.

Hosts with lived experience of the criminal justice system

Expert Panels

Hear from leaders who have successfully integrated these practices.

Hands-On Workshops

Practical sessions for applying what you learn.

Q&A Sessions and Group activities

Directly address your queries with our experts.

A webinar survival kit sent out ahead of the event

Dedicated 1:1 calls before and after the webinar to meet your learning needs and to answer any questions beyond the event


"Excellent presentation - Facilitator had direct lived in experience and was knowledgeable regarding subject."


"The session was absolutely brilliant. I couldn't have asked for a better session. Rik was incredibly engaging, funny and informative. I have learned a lot from the session today and know that all the key workers and management benefited immensely... I thoroughly enjoyed today's session and can't thank Rik and the Offploy team enough."


"I have a lot of prior disclosure working practice knowledge and am very comfortable with doing disclosure but found this really interesting and learnt some new facts to add to my existing ones."

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please email for more information about the event. For enquiries directly related to your booking or payment please contact Eventbrite directly.

What happens if I can't make the event?

No problem. We will move your ticket onto a date that suits you.

Is there a discount for buying multiple tickets?

Booking for more than 3 people? Consider hiring us for a dedicated workshop either virtually or at your office instead! We can also offer a discount for 4 or more tickets, just send a message and we will get that applied for you.

What is your 100% refund guarantee?

If, for whatever reason, you do not feel you got any value from the event we offer a no fuss, 100% refund. Simply drop us an email after the event and we will get it issued.

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