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Opening the Door to Opportunity

​We believe in fair chances and the human capacity for change. Regardless of background or past choices, we all deserve a brighter future when we are ready for it.

We view helping socially excluded individuals as our duty, not just a choice. Our collective efforts can make a remarkable impact on transforming lives and creating a more inclusive, safer society.

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To accomplish our mission we are committed not only to addressing both practical and psychological aspects of social exclusion, but transforming how society perceives affected individuals.

We focus on tangible opportunities, such as skill development and access to resources, and tackle the mindset and self-belief challenges that individuals face. Additionally, we strive to change societal views, fostering an environment in which employers and organisations recognise the potential in every person, regardless of their past

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From Prison to Purpose

I still recall sitting in my prison cell, pondering how life had led me to this point.


Raised by two police officers, I had a strong moral compass and countless opportunities to succeed. But when my first business faltered, I made a life-altering decision to sell drugs at a music festival. As I served my 28-month sentence, I found inspiration in the untapped potential of my fellow inmates—people seeking redemption in the face of societal judgment. Upon my release, I vowed to be an advocate for another chance and to build bridges for those who have offended or anyone at risk of offending in their lives.

Together with a team sharing the same vision and experiences, we strive to prevent the consequences of offending before they happen. United by this shared purpose, we stand firm in our belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to redefine their lives.

Today, the foundation we've built serves as a symbol of hope and a testament to the power of compassion and understanding. Our passion fuels a movement ded
icated to transforming lives and nurturing new beginnings. We stand as a collective force, driven by our belief in redemption and the profound impact another chance can have on reshaping a person's destiny.

- Found
er, Jacob Hill

Get to Know Our Incredible Team

Many of our team have personally experienced social exclusion, which fuels their unwavering commitment to creating a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute to society. Click here to meet the team.

Nine steps to a limitless future

Through our proven nine-step process, we dedicate ourselves to transforming the lives of socially excluded individuals. Addressing practical and emotional aspects of reintegration, we empower them to unlock their true potential, fostering measurable, positive growth. Our comprehensive framework lays the foundations for increased opportunities and a lasting impact on individuals, communities, and society as a whole


Find out how we have a £1:£12.09 Assured Social Return On Investment


Understanding Our Social Value

In the last eight years we have supported 2,054 people, providing at least Foundation support. 1,299 people have received Enhanced support. 

In 2022, Offploy set out on a journey to better understand, measure and report the difference we make, embedding measures into our systems, working with colleagues to ask the right questions of candidates throughout their time with Offploy. 

Independent social impact evaluators, Bean Research worked with us through the last two years to understand how the organisation creates social value, develop new systems to embed measurement, calculate our social return on investment and develop a toolkit to support the wider rehabilitation sector to report the difference it makes.  

Part of this process was to build a Theory of Change (below) to better articulate the change Offploy seeks to make with Candidates, and how the organisation supports Candidates to increase knowledge and skills, support improved mental and physical health and create sustained employment, secure accommodation and reduced crime. 

Let's work together

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Advise Ex-offenders

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Employ Ex-offenders


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Adapting and tailoring our services, our resilience ensures pursuing the best path and creating a safer world while overcoming unique challenges

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