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If you mentor or advise socially excluded people, this page is for you

Gain valuable insights through our free guides and engaging webinars, explore ticketed workshops for specialised training or take the next step and get qualified with Offploy.


Get the expert guides

We get it, you don’t just mentor people with convictions. You may be supporting someone facing homelessness in one session and chemical dependency in another. You could also do with fewer emails in your inbox.


We’ve put together a series of guides, tips and good news stories for Frontline Advisors to stay in the loop. Get instant access to the guides below and we'll keep you posted on our latest news, updates and events.

Become an expert in advising ex-offenders

Get started with advising ex-offenders

Join our community of ex-offender enthusiast Frontline Advisors in our 45-minute free webinars held on the second Tuesday of every month. We cover everything around identifying, support and advocating for participants with criminal convictions.

Go the full stretch with our dedicated Frontline Advisor Workshops

You have the passion to support people with convictions but just need that extra bit of knowledge and confidence to become the expert, right? This workshop, dedicated to Frontline Advisor mentoring ex-offenders covers everything from securing a job with a conviction to working out when the sentence is spent.

Get qualified in Advice & Guidance

Invest in personal or team growth with a part-funded Level 3 Certificate in Advice and Guidance, designed to enhance support capabilities and professional skills. Delivered by an organisation with experience in providing front-line services that meet the needs of socially disadvantaged communities, this training is not exclusive to working with ex-offenders.

Delve into crucial areas like effective client communication, navigating legislative and procedural landscapes, mastering the nuances of participant engagement and progression, and appreciating the need for career guidance within organisations. The qualification fosters participant learning through dynamic group work, demonstrations, and targeted instruction.


Endorsed by City & Guilds (Course 3569-03), this credential is tailored to professionals delivering employment and skills programmes, criminal justice services and welfare-to-work services.


Commission, subcontract or partner with Offploy

Offploy exists to create a world where every person is safe from crime. We are only able to do this with the generous support of commissioners, primes and partners who contract our services to support socially excluded people at risk of offending.


We are a national service with short mobilisation timelines, a proven scalable service that mentors people through a wide range of barriers from housing support to debt advice, mental health challenges to employment.

- Development Director, Offploy

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