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Get Your Ex-Offender Participant Back into Work

Welcome to our Restart Scheme

Everyone deserves another chance

I know firsthand, as I was sentenced to 28 months in prison. I came from a good home, the son of two police officers, and had all the opportunities to make the right decisions. But I found myself in debt, and made a bad choice during a tough time in my life. I started Offploy with the passionate belief that we all deserve another chance to shape our futures, rewrite our stories, and find redemption.

- Jacob, Founder

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We'll keep you posted

We understand the importance of trust when working with your candidates. That's why we automatically send case notes to advisors after EVERY interaction, keeping your team informed about each participant's progress.


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In your area we have two programmes

Peer Mentoring

12 hours of support for up to 6 weeks delivered by a mentor with lived experience. We will support with:

  • Understanding when a conviction becomes "spent"

  • How to prepare a CV if you have a conviction

  • How to disclose these offences to a potential employer

  • Support to search, prepare and apply for jobs

Disclosure Support

4 hours of support for participants who require specialist support relating to disclosure of their conviction(s).

  • Calculate when/if conviction(s) become spent

  • Clarify any restrictions, including liaising with Probation

  • Establish barriers and recommend appropriate support

  • Work on a disclosure statement and disclosing a conviction

Free Webinar for Frontline Advisors

How to identify, support and advocate for participants with convictions

Downloads & Resources

Our free downloadable guides and resources are designed to equip Restart advisors with essential information to help individuals with convictions secure and sustain employment.

Mythbuster: Recruiting ex-offenders

List of UK ex-offender support agencies

Spent versus unspent convictions

Ex-offender friendly employers

How and when to disclose convictions

New rehabilitation periods from Oct '23

Engaging employers and agencies

Supporting candidates with restrictions

Slides from Offploy's ISA Webinar

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