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2. Recruitment procedures and policy development

Create a Managers' Checklist for When Someone Declares a Conviction

Create an easy-to-use document for Managers to prepare themselves prior to interview for the possibility that a candidate may disclose a criminal conviction

What does success look like?

Hiring Managers are prepared for the possibility of voluntary disclosure and understand what to do with the information disclosed to them

How would Offploy do it?

  • Ensure that Hiring Managers are aware of existing company policies. The checklist should remind Hiring Managers to familiarise themselves with existing company policies relating to the hiring of ex-offenders.

  • Train Hiring Managers in how to receive a disclosure well. Practice in receiving disclosures is essential to ensure that personal prejudices and preconceptions about offence types and severity are not conveyed to the candidate who is disclosing.

  • Ensure that Hiring Managers understand how to handle and store conviction information that is disclosed to them. Where a candidate voluntarily discloses something that is "spent" and the manager does not need to know this should not be recorded and the candidate should be informed. When a conviction is unspent and/or relevant it is important that the information is held and stored correctly and securely, separately from existing standard HR files or folders.

Examples in Practice

Checklist for Managers When a Candidate Declares a Criminal Conviction
Download DOCX • 95KB

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