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5. Interviews, disclosure, vetting and saying ‘no’

Create a standardised template for rejection due to a conviction

Develop a clear, empathetic, and legally compliant template for informing candidates of their rejection due to their conviction, providing guidance for future opportunities and maintaining their confidence.

What does success look like?

  1. A standardised rejection letter template for candidates with convictions

  2. Improved communication and transparency for rejected candidates

  3. Encouragement and guidance for future opportunities.

How would Offploy do it?

  • Consult with legal and HR experts to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations when crafting the rejection letter template for candidates with convictions.

  • Use clear, empathetic language in the template, focusing on transparency and avoiding any discriminatory or stigmatising statements. If you have partnered with a trusted third-party ex-offender specialist they should be able to offer advice around wording and tone.

  • Include constructive feedback and guidance in the rejection letter, offering suggestions for areas of improvement and potential future opportunities within the organisation. Many ex-offenders will not have received much constructive feedback and will be resigned to further rejections. You have the chance to break this cycle.

  • Train HR and CSR managers in using the standardised template, ensuring consistency in communication and adherence to the organisation's values. If you have invested time to get your culture right this should be an easy step to embed.

  • Regularly review and update the rejection letter template, incorporating feedback from both candidates and internal stakeholders to continuously improve communication and support for candidates with convictions. Keeping the letter fresh and updated based on feedback is the ideal. You may like to include a specific question in your ex-offender perception survey as they will undoubtedly have endured rejection before they came to your organisation. Run an annual ex-offender perceptions survey

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