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6. Onboarding and additional support

Create an induction checklist for candidates who declare a conviction

Develop a comprehensive checklist to address the specific needs of new-starters with convictions, considering reasonable adjustments and statutory requirements during the onboarding process.

What does success look like?

  1. Comprehensive induction checklist tailored for candidates with convictions

  2. Smooth onboarding process for new-starters with convictions

  3. Compliance with legal and organisational requirements.

How would Offploy do it?

  • Outline how you currently induct colleagues. It is always good to start by understanding what your current practices are. List your steps from offer/acceptance through onboarding and including training. At Offploy we have created an Induction Checklist for managers which serves as a useful Aide Memoire.

  • Consider the extra needs of people with convictions during induction. Your new colleague may have Probation/police appointments which they must attend, they may have medical issues due to their stay in prison requiring doctors’ appointments, and they may just want to understand who knows about their offence and what rights they have.

  • Understand how their needs could be met by a simple change of processes in your organisation. You could include an introduction to your Inclusion Champion who can explain their role and provide any immediate advice and guidance. You may also decide to include a specific briefing about how their disclosed conviction information will be handled going forward and what happens to it when the conviction becomes spent in law. See: Appoint an Ex-offender Inclusion Champion and Redesign the recruitment process around disclosure

  • Revisit the induction check list regularly to ensure it is still fit to the needs of your company and the new starter. Revisiting and reviewing policies and procedures on a frequent basis is good practice to embed into any organisation. You could include specific questions in your employee and ex-offender surveys to consider the onboarding process and incorporate any feedback received into your checklist and onboarding processes. See: Run an annual ex-offender perceptions survey

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