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2. Recruitment procedures and policy development

Offer a disclosure support service for applicants with convictions

Offer a disclosure support service for applicants with convictions to address their concerns about disclosing their history, ensuring that information is kept independent from your organisation.

What does success look like?

  1. Offer a disclosure support service for applicants with convictions.

  2. Increased applicant confidence and reduced risk of over-disclosure.

  3. Independent handling of sensitive information.

How would Offploy do it?

  • Point job applicants to an independent third-party such as Offploy, Unlock or NACRO who can help with advice around disclosure, e.g. what, when and how best to disclose when asked. Having an independent advice partner for applicants will ensure that potential employees are prepared to disclose only what is necessary and are aware of the most effective ways of disclosing in accordance with the law.

  • Provide applicants with contact details for your Inclusion Champion who should be separate from the interview process. See: Appoint an Ex-offender Inclusion Champion They should be equipped to answer questions about what it is like to work for you based on their contact with other ex-offenders and to address any concerns an applicant may have. They may also be able to discuss ongoing mentoring and support if an applicant is successful.

  • Commission a third-party organisation which can handle disclosure on your behalf and advise on risk management. If you decide to outsource the whole disclosure process you may decide to appoint a third-party with expertise in the sector who can take the disclosure and advise on any risk management necessary for that individual. You should have already risk managed the role and decided on what checks (if any) are appropriate but you may still need to consider the risk of appointing a particular individual to a particular role.

Examples in Practice

As well as Offploy, other organisations such as Unlock offer candidate advice services:

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