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5. Interviews, disclosure, vetting and saying ‘no’

Offer colleagues a safe place to talk after receiving a disclosure

Provide a non-judgmental, expert support system for colleagues after receiving a challenging disclosure, demonstrating your organisation's commitment to employee wellbeing.

What does success look like?

  1. Access to a supportive and safe space for colleagues.

  2. Improved employee wellbeing and satisfaction

  3. Demonstrated commitment to supporting staff

How would Offploy do it?

  • Follow up any colleague who has received a disclosure to ensure that they are clear on how that information must be handled in the future. As discussed any disclosure received is highly sensitive and must be either destroyed promptly or filed appropriately and securely. We recommend that any retained disclosure statement is help separately to normal HR folders and is reviewed periodically for possible destruction or return to the colleague. See: Review the security, expiry, and data management of criminal conviction information

  • Offer support to colleagues who have received a disclosure that may be shocking or upsetting to them. It is possible that a colleague who has received a disclosure may be upset by what they have heard. As a caring and supportive employer it is important that you check on their welfare and provide any support that may be deemed to be necessary.

  • Monitor the well-being of any colleague who expresses that they have been affected by a disclosure they have taken from a candidate. If you have identified that an existing colleague has been affected by a disclosure they have received you should arrange to check in with them after the initial conversation to ensure that they are well and do not harbour any negative feelings towards a person you may have decided to hire.

  • Consider involving your Inclusion Champion who may have a broader experience base of handling disclosed information and the variety of conviction information that is disclosed.

Examples in Practice

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