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4. Marketing your vacancies appropriately and strategically

Update where to list vacancies on ex-offender friendly job boards

Ensure your job listings are posted on the most suitable job boards targeting socially excluded individuals, including ex-offenders, to maximise visibility and attract diverse candidates.

What does success look like?

  1. Increased exposure to a diverse candidate pool

  2. Cost-effective use of job boards

  3. Greater opportunity for candidates with convictions to apply for roles.

How would Offploy do it?

  • Research and identify ex-offender friendly job boards and platforms that cater to socially excluded individuals in the UK, focusing on relevance and reach. Whist most people with convictions will use mainstream jobs boards and agencies they may also use some of the specialist organisations which have a purpose of helping excluded groups. See Bridge of Hope Careers | Home and Employers - Clean Sheet

  • Develop a strategy for posting job listings on these platforms, considering factors such as cost, frequency, and target audience. As we have discussed previously specialist jobs sites should help you to target your job ads at the ex-offender cohort, however, these will not normally have the reach of mainstream platforms like Indeed, Reed or Total Jobs. A strategy of using several different platforms should ensure that your jobs reach your target audience and draw sufficient applicants for your recruitment process. See Six ways to make the most of your job ads |

  • Train your HR and CSR managers to use the selected job boards effectively, ensuring consistent messaging and adherence to the organisation's values. Using specialist ex-offender friendly platforms will help to ensure that your recruitment process casts its net wider and gets your vacancies in front of people with convictions. Provided that your messaging in the ads is carefully designed and welcoming, this will reassure ex-offenders that you are prepared to take their application seriously. Keeping your Inclusion Champion informed and involved will bring a fresh pair of eyes to the process. Appoint an Ex-offender Inclusion Champion

  • Monitor the performance of your job listings on the selected platforms, evaluating the success in reaching diverse candidates and attracting applications from individuals with convictions. Measuring your impact and reach is key to assessing the success of your approach to hiring ex-offenders. If you find that your ad is receiving little response on certain platforms it would be worth discussing this with the platform host and reviewing ads from other organisations who appear to be more successful in attracting applicants.

  • Regularly review and update your job board strategy, adapting to changes in platform effectiveness, candidate preferences, and organisational objectives.

  • Seek advice from your sector specialist partners. They are closer to the sector and should be able to keep you updated with any developments and new organisations.

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