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Creating an Email Account

Your task is to:

  • choose an email provider so you can create an email account

  • set up a personal email account for use when applying for jobs

  • send an email to your Social Employment Advisor (SEA) by the agreed deadline to show that the account is set up and working

These notes will explain how to set up an email account. If you have any problems with completing this task contact your SEA.

There are many different providers which will allow you to set up an email account (Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, One, etc) but Offploy uses Google Mail known as Gmail.

Step 1 – go to This has easy to follow notes on how to create your account

Step 2 – first you will have to create a Google Account. Type in your First name and Surname and it will then ask you for a name which will become your email account name. You can use your actual name or a nickname, for example Tim1983 or BrianSmall, but remember that employers will see this, so ensure that it is sensible and appropriate. It will then ask you to create a password and re-enter it to confirm. Make sure your password is memorable to you!

Step 3 – In the next step you will be asked to enter your date of birth and gender, followed by a page where you agree to Google’s terms & conditions. You will then be taken to Google’s “Welcome” page where you will find in the top right corner a “Google apps” button which includes one which looks like a red-bordered letter entitled “Gmail”. Click on this and your email account will open. You are now ready to send your first email.

NOTE: Emails are normally less formal than a written letter but more formal than a text message. It is good practice to use a comma after the greeting (“Dear Their name,” or “Hello Their name,”) and then tab down leaving a clear line before you start to type your message. At the end sign off with “Regards, Your name” or “Best wishes, Your name”.

Step 4 - Once you have successfully completed steps 1 to 3 above send an email to to confirm that the account works and that he has your new contact details.

REMEMBER: The email to your SEA should be sent by the agreed deadline.

Tip: The official Gmail Twitter account regularly posts useful tips, shortcuts and features to get the most out of your inbox!


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