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1. Getting the culture right

Create a complete communication plan on your ex-offender strategy

To successfully build a culture of acceptance, it's vital to involve all stakeholders in your journey and create a comprehensive communication strategy. This will ensure that your stakeholders are well-informed and supportive of your initiative.

What does success look like?

  1. A tailored communication plan for stakeholder engagement

  2. Internal approval from the board, colleagues, trades unions and hiring managers

  3. External buy in from clients, commissioners, sub-contractors and beneficiaries

  4. A cohesive approach to communicating your commitment to hiring people with convictions.

How would Offploy do it?

  • Identify all relevant stakeholders, including board members, employees and trades unions, hiring managers, clients, commissioners, and beneficiaries, and consider their needs, interests and concerns.

  • Understand the current culture and attitudes towards hiring people with convictions in your organisation and among stakeholders. See Run an annual ex-offender perceptions survey.

  • Develop a comprehensive communication plan that includes tailored messaging, channels, and timing for each stakeholder group.

  • Consider potential challenges and objections from stakeholders and develop strategies to address them.

  • Engage board members and seek their approval and support for your initiative.

  • Engage colleagues, trades unions and hiring managers and provide training and support to build their confidence and skills in hiring people with convictions.

  • Engage clients, commissioners, and beneficiaries and provide information on your commitment to hiring people with convictions and the benefits of doing so.

  • Use a range of communication channels, such as newsletters, social media, webinars, and events, to engage stakeholders and share your messaging.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your communication plan and adjust it as needed to ensure it meets the needs of stakeholders and achieves your goals.

  • Monitor progress and celebrate successes, such as internal and external approvals, to maintain momentum and motivate stakeholders to continue supporting your initiative. See Create a bank of case studies of existing colleagues with convictions.

Examples in Practice

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