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1. Getting the culture right

Deliver colleague ex-offender awareness sessions presented by people with lived experience

Establish regular, engaging, and purposeful sessions to raise awareness and champion the cause of socially excluded groups, especially people with convictions. These sessions will help maintain an accepting culture within your organisation.

What does success look like?

  1. Regular awareness sessions tailored to your organisation's needs

  2. Engaging content that highlights the positive impact of people with convictions

  3. An inclusive and accepting culture within the organisation

  4. Accessible resources for colleagues to stay informed and engaged.

How would Offploy do it?

  • Identify the specific needs of your organisation in terms of raising awareness and championing the cause of socially excluded groups, including people with convictions.

  • Develop a plan for regular awareness sessions tailored to your organisation's needs. Determine the frequency, format, and content of these sessions.

  • Set clear objectives for each awareness session, focusing on the positive impact of people with convictions.

  • Gather engaging content that highlights the positive impact of supporting socially excluded groups, including stories of successful outcomes. See Create a bank of case studies of existing colleagues with convictions

  • Develop accessible resources, such as handouts, videos, and training materials, for colleagues to stay informed and engaged.

  • Build a team of passionate and knowledgeable advocates to champion the cause of socially excluded groups within your organisation.

  • Engage external experts to provide insights and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of supporting socially excluded groups.

  • Encourage participation from colleagues at all levels of the organisation, including senior leaders and frontline staff.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of each awareness session and adjust the plan and content accordingly.

  • Foster an inclusive culture within your organisation by promoting awareness, understanding, and empathy for socially excluded groups, including people with convictions.

Examples in Practice

Offploy has delivered "Ex-Offender Awareness" sessions across the UK to a number of organisations. The session tackles the prejudices that we all have, addresses the issues around language, and considers the challenges and obstacles that people with convictions face.

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