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Are you ready to work?

Here at Offploy we understand that

everyone has an individual journey

towards gaining employment.

Offploy evaluate two key areas on defining where our candidates are on their journey to employment.

Work Ready – Review of the key tools a candidate needs to search, apply and succeed in finding employment. This will include elements such as a current CV, Cover Letter, Disclosure Letter, etc.

Mindset – Understanding the current mindset of a candidate and being able to detail current barriers to employment. Areas could include items such as housing concerns, child care, confidence, etc.

As part of your engagement with Offploy you will initially be contacted by a Social Employment Advisor who will ask you a series of questions that evaluate your current work readiness and mindset at the time of joining the programme. When you are accepted onto the programme you will work closely with the area Senior Social Employment Advisor who will develop an agreed action plan with you to move you along your journey into employment. The advisors are highly skilled in areas such as developing a new CV to match your chosen job goal, developing a disclosure letter to help you explain your conviction and the progress you have made since then, skills on how to apply for jobs and how to best sell yourself on an application.

They are also very highly knowledgeable about areas such as benefits, housing, social care, childcare, etc and can help you address and overcome any barriers you have that you feel may be preventing you from working.

This is a very tailored programme for each individual and we will support you in owning your journey into sustainable employment.