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Offploy, CIPD Trust, and St Giles Trust Join Hands to Break Barriers and Reintegrate Ex-Offenders

Updated: Mar 24

Here at Offploy, we are thrilled to join hands with the CIPD Trust and St Giles Trust for an inspiring pilot project aimed at empowering individuals with lived experience of the criminal justice system to reintegrate into the workforce and thrive in their roles. This collaborative effort unites the prowess of people professionals to spark real, transformative change.

This has got a lot of attention from the HR industry

Over 100 people professionals recently attended a webinar, expressing their support for this initiative, which marks a fresh chapter for the CIPD Trust. The Trust's vision is to champion inclusivity and ignite change by connecting individuals with CIPD members and industry allies.

Sally Eley, Head of CIPD Trust, shared her excitement about the pilot, underlining the impact of such endeavors in curbing the £18 billion annual reoffending cost. The six-month pilot will see approximately 20 mentor-mentee duos working in tandem to rebuild self-assurance, hone skills, and facilitate reintegration into the workplace.

Collaboration will be the key to success

Offploy is honored to collaborate with the CIPD Trust and St Giles Trust, both of which contribute invaluable expertise to this venture. Andrew Parker, skill center manager at St Giles Trust, emphasized the significance of this partnership in fostering social justice and empowering individuals in their careers.

Rik Willis, a Service Manager at Offploy, also voiced his enthusiasm about joining forces with CIPD Trust

on this pilot:

“We have experienced great success with peer-mentored programs for those recently released from prison. Many employers come to us seeking guidance on hiring people with convictions, and this collaboration with CIPD Trust will equip HR managers with the knowledge and confidence to safely hire people with lived experience. Most importantly, it will provide our candidates with the opportunity they need for a fresh start.”

As we set forth on this exciting journey, our commitment to creating positive change for those with lived experience of the criminal justice system remains unwavering. United, we can make a difference and construct a more inclusive world.

If you are a company looking to recruit ex-offenders but don't know where to start, give us a call for some friendly free advice.