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Closing 2021 with a further awards win – this time for jobseeker, Jolene

You may remember us sharing the news that one of our former jobseekers, Jolene Thompson-Carney, had been shortlisted in the ‘Significant Achiever of the Year’ category at the Employment Related Services (ERSA) Awards...

It’s with immense pride that we announce Jolene’s success, having been crowned the overall winner of her category.

Despite tough competition, Jolene’s story — both heart-wrenching and inspirational in equal measure — touched the hearts of the judges, who commended Jolene for pulling through a succession of difficult circumstances, and not just trying, but succeeding in her desire to tread a different path.

Exemplifying everything that we aim to achieve in our support for candidates, Jolene’s journey is proof of the positive outcomes that can be enjoyed by prison leavers, if they choose to seek — and make the most of — our support.

Our managing director, Jacob Hill, comments:

“Most people have preconceptions of what a prison leaver will be like. But the individuals who walk through our door are diverse. Whether they have a driving offence, have committed a financial crime, or been involved in drugs or violence, there’s one thing that they all have in common — a need for someone to give them a chance.

“Like many others, Jolene’s background wasn’t simple. But having made mistakes, she was determined to make a fresh start — against the odds — and we couldn’t be prouder. This award is proof of that tenacity, and we’re thrilled to have played a part in her journey.

“A conviction shouldn’t be the end of the line. We all deserve a chance to start again, to learn from our mistakes, and to carve out a positive future — for ourselves, our families, and to the benefit of wider society. Just as Jolene has done.”

With Jolene on a brighter path, our work at Offploy continues. Offering mentorship, employment support and a fresh start to the next deserving candidates. With their determination and our support, they too, can reach their ambitions.

To hear more about the services and ongoing support that we offer, both for those with convictions and to employers interested in recruiting from this cohort, please get in touch with Offploy.


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