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How Offploy revolutionised its paperwork and amplified its social impact by implementing a CRM

As a social organisation in the UK looking to scale impact, you know that paperwork and admin tasks can be time-consuming and tedious. But what if there was a way to reduce these administrative burdens while still providing excellent support for those who need it?

At Offploy, we've implemented Conga into our CRM system, Salesforce, to make this possible. By using Conga's solutions – including Composer, Grid and Sign – we have been able to slash paperwork by 80 percent and increase candidate support by 300 percent!

This means more time spent on supporting beneficiaries with ongoing support to achieve their goals.

Death by spreadsheet

Offploy was in dire need of an organised system that could reduce the amount of paperwork and help streamline our data storage process.

After evaluating various vendors, we chose to utilise Conga Grid which enabled us to easily visualise all our database information on one single screen and gain insight into grant data without having to export it out from Salesforce Service Cloud.

With this multifaceted solution, contract reviews, custom reports and email tracking have become much more efficient and simpler for our team members and commissioners.

Life before a CRM

“Prior to implementing Conga, we were wasting precious time on mundane tasks, including writing case reports, retyping handwritten notes, formulating emails and collating data,” said Jacob Hill, managing director and founder at Offploy.

“It was a nightmare, not just for our team, but for the people we were trying to help put their lives back together. We wanted a solution that integrated seamlessly into Salesforce – and Conga was the perfect fit.”

After implementing Conga Sign, we managed to reduce the stress on candidates by allowing them to read and sign documents in their own time. Despite concerns from certain government agencies regarding digital signatures' legal and security implications, a demo of the system proved that they are actually more secure than traditional signatures.

The end of paperwork?

We also made use of Conga Composer, a document generation software, to allow mentors the capability to quickly generate detailed project summaries, reports and strategic plans with a single click. This feature simplifies the report preparation for funders including The Probation Service, Police Force, National Health Service (NHS), Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and local councils hence enabling them to witness tangible evidence depicting candidates' progress over time.

Implementing Conga's systems with our CRM has immensely beneficial, resulting in an 80% reduction of paperwork and a drastic decrease in administrative burden on staff- which was 16 hours of admin down to just 30 minutes per candidate over the span of 12 to 16 weeks. Furthermore, it enabled scaling support for candidates by 300%, as well as saving up to £60,000 worth in additional staffing costs annually.

With the help of Conga, Offploy has increased its appeal to a select few government agencies, making it their go-to social service. It has enhanced service delivery in an underserved market while uplifting employee morale as they now have the bandwidth to dedicate more time towards assisting job seekers rather than completing cumbersome paperwork.

“Offploy serves as an excellent example of how we can empower business transformation through Conga solutions, no matter the industry,” said Noel Goggin, CEO at Conga.

“It is particularly satisfying to see the power of Conga’s technology helping a social enterprise such as Offploy to focus on its mission at hand, rather than the operational complexities that come with running a business at scale.”

Read the full case study on Conga's website:

Offploy strives to be a shining example of how CRM technology can help social organisations to effectively scale their services and reduce the burden of paperwork. With Conga’s solutions, Offploy was able to increase its appeal among government agencies while empowering employees to dedicate more time towards assisting job seekers.

If your organisation could benefit from CRM technology in order to streamline processes and focus on mission-critical tasks but you're unsure where to start, book in a call with us to see if Offploy and our development partners could help your Social Organisation spend less time on paperwork and more time on purpose-work!


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