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Creating a CV

The task that you have been set is to demonstrate that you have an up to date CV. When applying for a new job your CV will most likely be the first chance that you get to make a good impression to a potential employer, so it is important that the content is relevant, up to date and presented professionally. To complete this task you will need to read through the guidance in this document to make sure that the criteria is met by updating or changing your cv as and where needed and then emailing it over to your Social Employment Advisor. It is important to try and complete the task within the time frame given to you. If you are having difficulty completing the task, do not hesitate to contact or your Social Employment Advisor for some support.

What you will need:

  1. Access to a computer to make any changes if needed before emailing your CV

  2. A personal email address to attach and send your CV

  3. Internet access to send the CV via email

Firstly, you will need to access a computer and open your most recent version of your Curriculum Vitae (CV). You will need to make sure that the CV is structured correctly and up to date.

Download our detailed template to help you write an impressive CV:

Download DOC • 29KB

Once you have made any amendments or updates needed, save the document and open your personal email account to attach and send the document. To attach a CV to an email click the small paperclip icon, usually found towards the top or bottom of your email window. For example, in Gmail:

This step can vary depending on the service you use, so here are some of the most common email providers and how to add attachments to each:

Tips: to improve your chances of gaining employment, tailor your CV towards the role you are applying for by discussing specific skills and experience that relates to that role.

Once finished, please email your CV to your Social Employment Advisor


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