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Getting a replacement birth certificate

For all jobs a birth certificate is going to be needed, so here is how to get a replacement if you no longer have one:

  • Register on the General Register office website

  • Email include GQ in the subject of your email

  • You will be given a GRO reference number

  • Need a debit card to pay with (takes 10 minutes)

  • Certificates cost £11.00 if you have the GRO ref number

  • Order over the phone, General Register office (03001231837) call charges may vary (Monday- Friday 8am-8pm)

  • You can contact the local registry office in the town city the birth was originally registered in.

The UK Government provide guidance on this via their website,

If you need further assistance in completing this task, please contact Glenn at who will arrange a time to help you.

Please remember this must be completed in the time set by the person who completed your assessment. If you are unsure, please check.

Please take a photo or a screenshot and email this back to Glenn. Please remember this needs to be completed before you can continue on your journey with Offploy.

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