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Listing your job history and qualifications

The task that you have been set is to make a list of your job history, skills, previous experience and qualifications so that we can start helping you to put your CV together. It is important to remember to try and complete the task within the time frame given to you and If you are having difficulty completing the task do not hesitate to contact or your Social Employment Advisor for some support.

What you will need:

  1. Your qualification certificates (if applicable)

  2. Access to a computer or phone to type up the information

  3. A personal email address to send the information

  4. Access to the internet to send the information via email

Firstly, gather your qualification certificates if you have any or have access to them as this

will help when remembering the names and dates of qualifications. Secondly, using your

computer or phone, access your personal email and open up a new email to type out the

information to send to your Social Employment Advisor. If you prefer you can use some

sort of typing document (such as Microsoft word or notepad) to type up the information,

as long as you are able to attach and send it in an email.

You will need to start by making a list of your qualifications, education achievements and

relevant training courses. Where possible include the grades or outcomes and dates of the


Next, we need an overview of your employment history. Start with the most recent listed first and then work backwards. Include company name, dates that you worked there and a brief description of your roles and experience gained. If you have a large gap in employment due to serving a prison sentence you can include prison jobs.

Once you have done this you are now ready to send your information over to your Social Employment Advisor. If you have typed your information out onto a typing document such as Microsoft Word or notepad then you can attach the document to your email by clicking on the small paperclip icon as shown below:

This step can vary depending on the service you use, so here are some of the most common email providers and how to add attachments to each:

Once finished, please email or text your list to your Social Employment Advisor


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