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Lee retrains and finds a new job in the construction industry

Lee first came to Offploy through the National Probation Service. He had lost his job at the time of his arrest and was now struggling to gain employment due to his conviction. He was also having difficulty dealing emotionally with the breakdown of his long-term relationship. Lee expressed that he would like to take this opportunity to retrain and choose a different career path. In the following weeks, Lee was extremely determined to find training courses which would help him to secure employment. He worked closely with his Social Employment Advisor and the Offploy team to write a CV and disclosure letter to enable him to apply for jobs and search for training courses simultaneously. Lee came to see us weekly and spent hours phoning training providers and applying for a series of jobs and volunteering roles. On the advice of his Social Employment Advisor, Lee contacted a job agency and successfully landed himself a job interview. Thanks to Lee’s determination and the multi-agency support he received, he is now working full-time as a labourer in the construction industry.


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