Nick secures paid employment after one trial day

Updated: Oct 14

Nick joined us in August 2019 and secured paid, permanent employment after just 6 weeks of mentoring from Offploy. When Nick came to us, he was an introverted individual who lacked confidence and had low self-esteem. He felt that his conviction was a huge barrier that restricted his employment opportunities. Nick displayed great dedication by coming in to see the Offploy team every week, working with his Social Employment Advisor [SEA], Derek. Together they would work on building better relationships, identifying any other barriers that nick felt he faced and further enhancing his skills. Derek was able to assist with CV and disclosure letter writing by enrolling Nick onto our employability course. Nick was able to further enhance his communication skills which prepared him for interviews and further developed his understanding of the world of work. As he progressed every week, Nick began to come out of his shell and was overall feeling more confident in himself and his ability. By writing his disclosure letter, he felt that he had a better understanding of his conviction which made him feel more comfortable, aware and confident when looking for employment. Once Nick felt confident and ready, he demonstrated his incredible work ethic by securing a wor