Offploy CIC - Prison Education Framework (PEF) Specialists

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Offploy has developed a unique arrangement to address the Prison Education Framework that builds the voluntary sector into service offers which we believe the commissioners will expect to see in successful bids over the coming weeks. Offploy’s focus is getting offenders ready for work and then directly into a job. We specialise in working with offenders prior to release, through the gate and on release during the first few months when getting work is crucial to reducing reoffending.  We uniquely bring employers to the table and fill the job vacancies they exclusively ask us to work on.

We believe it is worth getting prison education right because this is where patterns of past behaviour and motivations can change, making employment a realistic prospect. If done right prison education can save money and resources further down the track.  In its simplest form education changes people (their views and behaviours) and gets offenders more employment-ready. That is where Offploy can really help with our unique relationship with large employers who ask us to fill their vacancies because they want good employees and positive Corporate Social Responsibility social messaging. We bring real jobs which makes our personal approach to prison education valuable in the offenders’ eyes.