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Offploy to support the homeless in West London

Offploy has recently started a project to support those who are homeless in Hillingdon and Hounslow.

We will work with people who are homeless, sleeping on the street or at risk of becoming homeless and currently living in temporary accommodation in the area. Our service will create a bespoke, individual action plan covering the person’s housing and employment needs. We will then provide six months of ongoing support as they find their feet.

Richard Strauss, Offploy’s Director of Sustainability said:

“Whilst this is our first service to directly help homeless people our data shows we’ve supported 100 candidates with housing issues over the last year. It is often a complex situation where homelessness limits the chance of a job for many people. If we can tackle homelessness, we can tackle joblessness and then support people at risk into long-term, meaningful employment. We aim to support as many people into work as possible, not just our core candidates with convictions.”

Richard Strauss, Director of Sustainability


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