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Offploy welcomes The Rt Hon David Gauke as first patron

“There is always more that needs to be

done to make the case for the positive

benefits of employing ex-offenders.”

– Rt Hon David Gauke

We are excited to introduce the newest member of our team… the former Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, the Rt Hon David Gauke, has become the first patron of Offploy.

After Mr Gauke’s incredible contribution to the Criminal Justice Sector as Justice Secretary we were eager to make the most of his passion, skills and experience to help guide Offploy’s vision as we approach our 5th birthday.

David Gauke explained his appointment as patron, saying: “One of my priorities as Justice Secretary was to increase employment opportunities for ex-offenders and I noticed the excellent work that Offploy was doing. Consequently, I was delighted to be asked by Jacob Hill to become a patron, and hope this gives me a chance to provide the support and encouragement Offploy needs, in order to continue such crucial work.

“Attitudes are changing for the better and more and more companies are willing to take on ex-offenders. But there is always more that needs to be done to reassure employers – and their customers – and make the case for the positive benefits of employing those with a criminal record.”

Mr Gauke, as patron, will be responsible for holding the board of Offploy CIC accountable in achieving our mission of reducing reoffending and making society safer.

The former Justice Secretary believes people with convictions need the right opportunities: “Government departments and private sector employers all have an important role to play, but organisations such as Offploy are vital in this area. Together, more can be done to give ex-offenders the opportunities they need to turn their lives around.

“People may be understandably concerned about whether someone with a criminal record can always be trusted. But many ex-offenders succeed in earning this confidence – to both their benefit and that of society.”

Offploy’s founder, Jacob Hill, added: “The Rt Hon David Gauke’s commitment to reducing reoffending rates and supporting the rehabilitation of those with previous convictions is widely recognised and admired, alongside his progressive approach to the criminal justice system.

“During his time in office, David’s ‘Education and Employment Strategy 2018’ centred around the notion that when an offender enters prison they should be put, immediately, on the path to being prepared for employment on release. It’s this vision and strategic mindset – along with his intention to hold us to account – which was behind the decision to invite him to become Offploy’s first patron.

“We share the same ambition to help those with criminal convictions to secure employment and lead a positive life, while also seeking to shift the mindset of organisations across the UK and encourage them to give ex-offenders what will undoubtedly be a life-changing opportunity.”

We will continue to keep our blogs updated on Mr Gauke’s appointment and Offploy’s progress in achieving our mission.


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