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Schulte Roth & Zabel

In a world where legal matters often seem confined to corporate boardrooms and affluent clients, the recent collaboration between prestigious legal firm SRZ (Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP) and Offploy shines as a beacon of hope.

This partnership, marked by Schulte's provision of pro bono support to Offploy during a complicated acquisition process, not only underscores the intrinsic value of legal expertise but also highlights the profound social impact such collaborations can achieve. 

With a firm focus on private capital, Schulte comprises legal advisers and commercial problem-solvers who combine exceptional experience, industry insight, integrated intelligence and commercial creativity to help clients raise and invest assets and protect and expand their businesses. The firm has a long history as a leader in pro bono legal work and a legacy of contributing to the greater good. Schulte embraces its professional and moral obligations to seek justice through the legal system. The firm directly represents and empowers the most vulnerable and marginalized; brings impact litigation to fuel social change; and supports social entrepreneurs to form the next generation of mission-driven organizations that will advocate for the underserved. 


Offploy, a pioneering social enterprise committed to helping ex-offenders and others at risk of offending, in their reintegration into society through employment opportunities, stands as a testament to the transformative power of additional chances. Their dedication to fostering rehabilitation and reducing reoffending resonates deeply with Schulte's ethos of corporate responsibility and social justice. 


At the heart of this collaboration lay Schulte's commitment to pro bono work, a cornerstone of the legal profession's social responsibility. By offering their legal expertise on a pro bono basis, Schulte extends a helping hand to organisations like Offploy, which have limited resources as with any social enterprise, to access high-quality legal services.  


With Schulte's pro bono support, Offploy gained access to top-tier legal counsel, navigating the legal landscape with precision and proficiency. This ensured that Offploy could continue its core work of safeguarding the futures of countless individuals seeking reintegration into society. 


By leveraging their legal expertise to support Offploy's mission, Schulte reaffirms its commitment to using its resources for the betterment of society, a testament to the transformative potential of corporate social responsibility. It also contributes to the broader cause of social rehabilitation and community empowerment.  


This collaboration between Offploy and Schulte illustrates the importance of pro bono work and the impact it can have on small social enterprises. Both Offploy and Schulte are happy to speak to others who may wish to benefit from this approach and to better understand how to find a suitable partner organisation. 


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