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Set yourself a goal

For this task, you will:

  • Learn about why we set goals

  • Understand how to set a SMART goal

  • Set yourself a goal to achieve within the next 6 months

  • Send this by text or email to your Social Employment Advisor - Glenn

Setting goals for yourself is really important in making steps towards a better future. They also help you to feel as though you are constantly achieving when you stick to them.

Before you set your goal, you need to understand why you want to achieve that goal, and where you see yourself in the future. You might have a vision for the future about owning your own house. Your ‘big why’ might be that you would like to own this house so that you have room for your children to stay with you.

So that you can achieve your goals, you need to make them ‘SMART’ - this means:

S - Specific: Make sure you are focusing on one specific thing at a time

M - Measurable: Decide an outcome at the end so you know when you have achieved it

A - Achievable: Make sure you set a goal that you have the ability to achieve yourself

R - Realistic: Make sure you are being realistic about how much you decide to achieve

T - Timebound: Give yourself a realistic deadline for achieving this goal

Here is an example of a goal:

Now it's your turn. You can type this out on an email, word document, or send the information as a text message to your Social Employment Advisor:

Remember, this is your goal and you have got this!


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