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TEDx: What if we worked with criminals to make society safer?

What if we took the best bits of the criminal justice sector around the world and put them all together to create one ultimate rehabilitative criminal justice journey?

In my TEDx talk, I piece together best practice from Portugal, Norway, Brazil, Singapore, Fiji and the United Kingdom and suggest an international criminal justice journey that could be applied in any country.

*Misquote: the imprisonment rate of Brazil is 336 / 100,000. I mistakenly said 299 in my talk. The slides below are correct.*


A copy of the slides used. To download a PDF version click here.


So, what do you think? Have you seen other great practices around the world that could be applied to one ultimate criminal justice rehabilitative journey?

This talk inspired my successful application to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust where I will get to visit some of the countries mentioned to influence our criminal justice sector here in the UK.

Some of the great organisations I mentioned in the talk are listed below:




Singapore and Fiji

United Kingdom


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