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We're LinkedIn to changing minds!

Almost six years ago, just after the launch of Offploy, we wrote a post on LinkedIn that would take our social enterprise global.

Without any marketing agencies, LinkedIn experts, nada, we just got writing a post to celebrate the launch of our service which went viral.

From this point we found that authenticity works over any marketing formula.

We began to hire more people who spoke passionately from their heart about the cause from marketing to bookkeeping; we started posting more content that sparked discussions and we started listening to what our beneficiaries and employers were telling us: We're ready for the opportunity, we just don't know how to make the most of it.

With incredible thanks to the #LICreatorAccelerator programme, Jacob has been able to reach a wider audience and created discussions around key topics such as 'Disclosure', 'Risk Assessments' and 'Giving people a second chance'.

If you're not yet following Offploy or Jacob on LinkedIn, why not have a nosy and jump into the discussion?


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