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"Your man Chris is a top bloke"

Chris joined our service in October 2019 and has shown an excellent commitment to finding a job with our support, by attending every 1-2-1 session and every Candidate Club. This first off, shows us that a candidate means business and is here to succeed.

Offploy had contact with an employer, who at the time, was actively searching for a new recruit to work in a warehouse on a weekly basis. Chris was ideally looking for something more consistent, however, this was a great starting point to build up his experience and employment skills, which he eagerly accepted and ended up turning this weekly warehouse job, into something spectacular.

After just 2 days of Chris working in the warehouse, Tim, the Managing Director, had contacted Offploy to praise Chris on his incredible work, dedication and enthusiasm.


"Your man Chris is a top bloke"

"I don't want to lose him. If we run out of work, I will try and find him work with one of my friends"

"He's genuinely impressed a lot of people in a short amount of time"


Chris has since met with Dave, his Specialist Social Employment Adviser and proudly shared that his new employer is determined to find him a permanent position. This has reinstated his confidence and most importantly, given him a clean slate to kick start his career.

But it doesn’t stop there… to add onto the already amazing news, his employer is arranging for Chris to do an onsite Counterbalance FLT qualification! This is an incredible gesture by the employer, who is not shy when it comes to sharing how impressive Chris has come to be. Not only does this show how hard Chris has been working, but it demonstrates the trust and reliability that he has been able to build between him and his employer.

This great onsite experience, FLT training, solid reference and decorated CV, will ensure that in the future, he will be able to achieve even more.

It is safe to say, that Chris has excelled in every aspect and has done himself, his new employer and Offploy, immensely proud. Well done Chris, your success is truly deserved.