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Offploy receive MoD Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Working with ex-offenders is our core business but we also recognise that military and police veterans sometimes need a hand up to achieve their goals when they leave uniformed service. For that reason we formed Offploy (Veterans) to provide an extra layer of support for those who have previously served our country. It was natural therefore to register with the Ministry of Defence as an Armed Forces friendly employer and to join the Employer Recognition Scheme.

After achieving basic and then Bronze Award status Offploy was delighted to go for the next step and seek Silver Award accreditation. This entailed adjusting some of our company policies to make them more friendly to reservists who may wish to work for us and to set out to the MoD the work we do with veterans to help them overcome the obstacles they face.

We are thrilled that the MoD has decided to award Offploy Silver Award status in the latest round of Employer Recognition Scheme awards. It is a badge of honour that we will wear with pride as we continue the work that we do.

Offploy's MD Jacob Hill said:

"I am delighted to receive the MoD ERS Silver Award. Offploy was founded to give people another chance in life and it is absolutely right that we include veterans and reservists in our business. This award is a fantastic recognition that Offploy understands the skills and experience that veterans and reservists can bring to us as an employer and we are grateful to the Ministry of Defence for giving us the prestigious Silver Award."

Offploy will be attending the formal award ceremony in York in October and we look forward to meeting other like-minded employers there.

We will enjoy the Silver Award for the time being and will consider the next steps required in order to apply for and achieve the ultimate accolade of a Gold Award.

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