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Opening a Bank Account

Type of Account

Before you think about how to open a bank account, it is helpful to know the different types of account that are suited to different customer needs. The main ones are:

  • Standard Current Accounts – the normal current account with all the standard features

  • Basic Bank Accounts – a basic current account is an account with some limited features, directed at customers with poor or no credit history

  • Savings Accounts – savings accounts let you save and gain interest on your money

It is now possible to open an account either within a Branch on the high street or Online, either via a browser or an app.

You can also choose whether to open a bank account with a digital only bank that offers a service that is almost entirely app based. Popular examples of these include First Direct (a subsidiary of HSBC), Starling and Monzo.

Opening A Bank Account

Opening a bank account can be a simple process. You generally have to apply for the account first, giving a few details such as:

  • Personal Information – full name, nationality, contact details (telephone, email address), date of birth and national insurance number

  • Proof of Address – recent utility bill, mortgage statement, tenancy agreement, council tax bill or DWP letter

  • Proof of Identity – passport or driving licence. Some banks may accept birth certificates.

You can open an account in person, or you can do it online or over the telephone. If you are applying for a digital only bank account, then you may need to photograph your documents and submit them via the app.

Depending on the bank you choose and the type of account you want to open, the bank may run a credit check to examine your financial history. If they accept your application, they’ll notify you and send you confirmation in writing and send your card and pin number in the post.

Help and Support

So that Offploy can continue to support you please open your bank account by the date your Social Employment Advisor has set for you.

Once completed please email confirming the date your account was opened and the name of the bank.

For further information you can visit MoneySupermarket's page about opening a bank account.

If you need any more help with opening a bank account, please contact


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