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Purchasing an Appointment Diary

Your task is to:

  • find a shop that sells diaries

  • purchase a diary to record your appointments and interviews

  • send a copy of your receipt to your SEA to show that you have done this and to claim the money back (up to an agreed maximum)

The following notes will help you when looking to buy an appointment diary. If you have any problems completing this task contact your SEA.

There are many different shops that sell diaries and many different types of diary. It is helpful to buy one that fits into your pocket and is easy to carry with you. We also suggest either one with a day per page or “week to view” which has a whole week across two pages. However, it is your choice.

While many people use an electronic diary these days (on your phone or computer), they often automatically delete entries after the date has passed. A paper diary is a good store of information and other notes.

Step 1 – find a shop. On the High Street there are plenty such as WH Smith, Boyes or Rymans which sell diaries for less than £5. Alternatively, eBay or Amazon have a wide range of individual suppliers and types of diary.

Step 2 – purchase your diary. You will need one with plenty of space each day to clearly write in your appointment time, location and any other important details such as a telephone number to contact if there are any problems with you attending. You may have more than one appointment/interview in a day, so make sure that there is enough space per day.

Step 3 – write your contact details in the front of the diary. If you leave it somewhere then someone might be able to get it back to you.

Step 4 - Once you have completed steps 1 to 3 above send a photo of your receipt to to confirm that the task has been completed and to claim your refund on the purchase price.

REMEMBER: The photo of your receipt should be sent to your SEA by the agreed deadline.


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