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An introduction to Offploy Justice Personnel

Offploy Justice Personnel is one of the social enterprises within Offploy, which focuses purely on providing staff, typically without criminal convictions, for the criminal justice sector. We then reinvest 100% of the profits into the social arm of the company to help more people with criminal convictions find mentored, meaningful employment.

Offploy Justice Personnel was officially launched in January 2017. Since then we have worked hard to find people suitable positions that they love, whilst also filling job vacancies in the criminal justice sector that sometimes get overlooked or are hard to fill.

One area that people may initially overlook when thinking about job roles within prisons is education. We believe education is a key part of rehabilitation and that educating people whilst still in prison gives them the best opportunity to find employment upon release. One of our many Offploy Justice Personnel success stories from the last year, Gary, is a prison lecturer and received our support to find a job that he is truly passionate about.

Speaking on his experience of working with Offploy, Gary said: “I would like to rate Offploy with 5 big stars, as they have been so supportive during my prison application.

Craig Harris is brilliant, there’s been a glitch on the prisons vetting system for an awful long time -  I nearly gave up, but Craig discovered there’s a problem with the software. As my PC is an Apple Mac he was going to travel over 100 miles to meet me and complete the forms on his laptop!

What can I say? How brilliant is that? Their communication is first class - we even had a chat about the world cup. Well done Offploy and thank you so much for your brilliant professional guidance in my application to HM Prison Service.”

We hope to continue to help people find work within the criminal justice system in order to reinvest our profits into helping people with criminal convictions. Jacob Hill, Managing Director of Offploy CIC, said: “ the more staff we supply into the criminal justice sector, the more ex-offenders we can support into employment.” Employment leads to a reduction in reoffending and a reduction in reoffending leads to a safer society for everyone.

For more information on working with us please visit our Offploy Justice Personnel page.


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